Personal dog Training for $1!

HeyLudwig is your personal dog trainer.

Start by telling Ludwig about your dog, then receive personalized curriculums to address problems, teach tricks, and train obedience all from the comfort of your home!

What makes HEYludwig Different?


The problem

Every dog is different and requires different training methods. You can go to Google, YouTube, Reddit, or ask your friend that once had a dog and receive a plethora of advice on how to train your dog. Or you could pay thousands of dollars for a pro-trainer to do the work for you.

Problem With That

The nuances pertaining to your particular dog makes general methods ineffective. Even if a pro-trainer teaches your dog perfect behavior, at the end of the day training falls back on you. Therefore, if your education is lacking you’re no better off.


Ludwig's solution

HeyLudwig uses Artificial Intelligence created by an industry-leading dog training school to consider every factor of your dog’s behavior. Then, for as little as $1, Ludwig generates personalized content just for you. The content is easy to follow and educates you on everything you need to train pride-worthy behaviors into your dog.

The "Gist"

We give you high-quality training programs, at the cheapest rate, that will not only make your dog more obedient, but will increase your education and create a life-long, delightful relationship with your pups. Sound too good to be true? It’s not…just see for yourself!

What can Heyludwig Teach you

Address Problem Behaviors

Everything from pulling on the leash, to more complicated behaviors like chewing and potty-training. Ludwig guides you through correcting the core problem, and establishing positive patterns to channel your dog into for as little as $5.

Teach tricks

Teach your dog to spin on a dime, weave through your legs, speak, or even jump through fire! Okay…maybe not fire, but definitely a hoop or two! Ludwig’s trick programs use positive motivation and a step-by-step format to make your trick training experience unbelievably easy!

Train Obedience

Believe it or not, every dog can behave beautifully and act more obedient. With these Obedience Tutorials, you can teach your dog all the basic commands, manners, and structures you need for a delightful relationship. All for just $1!


With as much value as HeyLudwig delivers, it must be incredibly expensive right? Nope! In fact, you could learn EVERYTHING HeyLudwig has to offer for less than the cost of 1 private lesson with a pro-trainer.


Have a question?

How does HeyLudwig work? Will it work for my dog? What are your training philosophies? How long does it take? Is it difficult? All these questions answered, and more!

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