Pricing that’s as good as your dog

We created HeyLudwig to not only be affordable, but also to be flexible. No subscriptions and no hidden fees. You only pay for what you use and learn! That being said, despite our remarkable affordability, we made no sacrifice in quality.

What you get With HeyLudwig

The best online dog trainer ever created…

Content Made Just For Your Dog

Every dog is different, and so every dog requires a different training method to achieve success. Instead of generalized content found everywhere else on the internet, HeyLudwig gears its content specifically for your dog, allowing you easy access to effective training methods with proven results.

Unbelievably Inexpensive

Every dog needs training for a delightful relationship with their pet parents. That’s why we made HeyLudwig so inexpensive. We want to make sure that every owner has the opportunity to access high quality training to create a healthy and constructive relationship with their dog.

100+ Interactive Courses

Covering everything from trick training to obedience to fixing problems all across the spectrum. HeyLudwig doesn’t just tell you what to do, but instead provides essential education to be able to troubleshoot any hurdles that may come along.

Simple + Structured

HeyLudwig features incredibly simple, high-quality videos and written content for a fraction of the price. No matter your skill level you’re at you will receive incredible value from HeyLudwig. It targets every aspect of dog training for the perfect session, every time.

Training Philosophy

HeyLudwig uses balanced training methods to fix problems, teach tricks, and train obedience. That means we lean very heavily to reward based training, but also believe in telling a dog “no” for unwanted behaviors.

Train Anytime

You’ll never have to wait to book with a professional trainer again. You can train anywhere, anytime, right from your phone, tablet, or computer.

ready for a Beautifully-behaved dog?