Now, I’m sure your dog is an absolute angel.

However, not all Pet Parents are as lucky. In fact, according to ASPCA over 3 million dogs are emitted into shelters/rescues every year. Of those about 50% or more are unfortunately put to sleep.

Now, many dog trainers believe the #1 reason dogs are “given up on” is due to a lack of training.

Many of the issues pet owners have with their dog can be solved easily with credible knowledge and a structured curriculum.

Okay, so we all agree that dogs need training, right?

What are the current options?

You can:

  1. Go to YouTube or Reddit.
    1. There are thousands of videos and advice columns. However, you can never be sure of the credibility of those sources, and the fact that they don’t personally know your dog leaves their information generalized and unreliable.
  2. Ask a friend
    1. Again, credibility is an issue here. Your friend only knows their own pup, and while they may experience similar challenges, the training method your dog needs may be completely different from the training method they know.
  3. Hire a professional dog trainer
    1. This is by far the most effective method. However, it also costs thousands of dollars, and, unless they thoroughly educate you on how to reinforce behaviors they’ve taught, your dog is simply going to revert back to their poor manners.

Finally, there is a fourth option…


HeyLudwig gathers information about your dog such as their breed, age, and other personality traits to create simple, personalized curriculums to fix problems, teach tricks, and train obedience for as little as $1…

What are the advantages to heyLudwig?

  1. It’s incredibly simple and structured.
  2. It takes into account all the nuances of your dog and their wonderful personality.
  3. It’s fabulously cheap!
  4. You can learn from anywhere.
  5. It was created by one of the largest dog training schools in the country with over 35,000 dogs trained.


Now, I know it seems way too good to be true. So, go ahead and get started for free.

You and your dog won’t regret it!

obtain pride-worthy behavior with your dog!