Frequently Asked Questions

How does HeyLudwig work?

HeyLudwig asks information on your dog in order to assess personality. Then, he runs that data against the 35k+ other dogs in our database to develop the best training plan consisting of written, verbal, and video content for you to reach success.

How much does it cost?

If you want to fix a problem it’s $5. If you want to train a trick or teach a command it’s $1. Ludwig also recommends products and services that we make money off of. So, if you love Ludwig, buy through us to keep it going! More info on pricing here.

My dog is doing ____ can ludwig help?

HeyLudwig is built to handle almost any problem or goal with your dog. However, since we are dealing with animal behavior, it does have it’s limits. If you have questions on a particular issue, please bark at us.

what can heyludwig teach?

HeyLudwig has a number of programs to help you fix problems, teach tricks, train obedience, and other miscellaneous tutorials. You can view them all here.

How long does training take?

HeyLudwig is structured so you can learn at your own pace. However, one could get through a problem solution in a couple hours, Obedience or Tricks in less than 10 minutes. Of course, training itself varies by dog and consistency of your work.

How hard is the training?

Of course, it depends on what you’re wanting to work on and your goals. However, HeyLudwig is formatted to be simple to understand. Dog training isn’t rocket science, it just takes practice!

Is there hope for my dog?

No matter how long a problem has been occuring, or how old your dog is, it can always be trained. Of course, motivation does play a factor, but there is no such thing as “An old dog can’t learn new tricks,” that’s simply a myth!

What i want to work on isn’t featured!

HeyLudwig is being built as quickly as possible. If you have any requests, or need additional help, please reach out to us here!